Shackleton Exploration Ltd.

Shackleton Exploration Ltd. is a private Canadian based Oil and Gas company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

Our exploration & development activities are primarily focused on the Mannville formation in the Ferintosh / Bashaw area of East Central Alberta


Shackleton owns and operates over 80 sections of land in the Ferintosh Bashaw region of Alberta.

Shackleton Operations Area


Shackleton owns and operates all critical well and facility infrastructure.

Oil Batteries

Oil well emulsion is pipeline connected and treated at one of two Batteries: Shackleton 04-16-044-20W4M and Shackleton 05-29-043-20W4M.

Shackleton H2O Disposal

Gas Plant

Raw gas is transported and processed at the Shackleton operated FERINTOSH 09-16-043-21W4M Gas Plant and enters the TCPL system at the Lamerton 08-27-042-21W4M Meter station.

Shackleton Batteries

H2O Disposal

All produced water is pipeline connected to the Shackleton
05-02-044-20W4M water disposal facility.

Shackleton Gas Plant
Shackleton Gas Plant